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An exceptional natural speaker, who can truly captivate and engage audiences in a way that few can. Leaving patronising motivational talks behind- if you're looking to engage delegates or students with workshops, or look to make them think more deeply about their own mindset and attitudes through assemblies or keynotes, Dee delivers on every level with a wealth of questions, anecdotes and a relatabilty that's hard to come by.
When it comes to hosting and facilitating, charisma or onstage presence are everything, and there are few who can match Dee. With sharp wit and a wealth of funny and engaging anecdotes, Dee's always ready for any situation, if you're looking for your audience to be entertained by a host who can interact, actively listen, and have a meaningful, positive impact on your event-look no further.
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I believe versatility is what sets speakers apart. Learning the needs of your delegates and students and creating bespoke, tailor-made content as opposed to a "one-size fits all" approach.





This is just a small sample of how I can help, for more bespoke events, education workshops, to see more, or to discuss upcoming events, get in touch.   >> have a look at Dee's experience, and see what people are saying click here
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