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Since starting my career as a secondary school teacher, I've always been deeply passionate about helping young people fulfill their potential, whether for exams, employabilty or leadership. It's the reason I do what I do today. I pride myself on my ability to engage with students and the rapport I can cultivate within a group in a very short space of time.

From working with a vast amount of schools, colleges and universities internationally, I'm acutely aware that every educational facility has its own needs. From motivation and mindset, to coping mechanisms, leadership training, and presentation skills, I offer a wide variety of workshops

which are time flexible to suit your needs whether it be a class, year group or large scale assemblies.

Additionally, if you feel your students would benefit from the themes in my existing keynotes, each keynote can be modified and adapted into an educational workshop with more visuals, interactivity and kinaesthetic challenges. Keynotes can be viewed here.

We also now offer a more consistent approach to courses with our education montages which can be viewed here.


Many people don't want to accept the fact that stress can be a good thing. It's a word which invokes such negativity upon hearing it. Yet, stress is also the reason athletes break records under pressure (ie the Olympics) and not in training. The reason so many of us will leave that essay until the last possible deadline before stress makes us do it.


It can be our ally if we allow it to be.

This incredible workshop allows students to better understand what's happening in their head at a psychological and biological level to better equip them for dealing with stress and anxiety on a daily basis. This provides more self-control, self-assurance, evokes confidence and allows students to focus on things that really matter which in turn, enhances performance.

Developing a young workforce

With such a huge emphasis being put on curriculum content and the expectation of what academic knowledge a student has, it's can be so easy for a student to progress through an entire education without picking up some essential facts about life and the larger working world! Your time in school is limited. Where are you going? Where do you want to be?


This is a straight talking, extremely thought provoking and motivating workshop ideal for young people who are unsure of the future or maybe just need that push to get them thinking about how they're spending their time (and might just help with any behavioral issues too!). Hard work, time and dedication pay off. It's not all about the social experience, it's about understanding and finding out your 'why'.

It's all about perspective.

Effective Contributors
Responsible Citizens
Confident Individuals

We make thousands of little choices on a daily basis. Mindset is the smallest choice we make each day before all others at a near unconscious level, but one which makes a HUGE difference on how we perceive the world around us.

This fascinating workshop explores human mindset and behaviours, in particularly a student's mindset towards their education. The difference between waking each morning and choosing to say "I'm going to get up and give it my all today and learn and grow."


"I can't even be bothered getting up today."

The excuses the mind makes to stay in an individual's 'comfort zone' are powerful. Convincing ourselves that a task is impossible or worse- pointless!

This interactive workshop allows students to learn their true mindset with a range of subconscious challenges allowing them to understand that breaking out of our comfort zone is the only way we can grow and that if you continue only do what you can do, you can never be more than you are. It's time to raise student's effort and in turn, raise attainment.

Decisions decisions

Successful Learners
Responsible Citizens
Confident Individuals
Effective Contributors
Effective Contributors
Confident Individuals

This interactive workshop offers practical tips, hints and advice as well as tried and tested personal development techniques such as Neuro Linguistic Programming to enhance a student's approaches to study and discover their own learning style. The first step towards bridging the gap and meaningful study is the removal of procrastination. Once dealt with students can get serious about studying.

With enough practice, anything can become easy. What if we worked so hard throughout a year (rather than a last minute panic study) that when we finally came to the big moment, whether it be exams or an assignment, we faced it with confidence rather than fear.


Students will learn how to set goals, self-motivate and most importantly raise their aspirations for what's possible in their own lives.

how to get better grades

Confident Individuals
Successful Learners

This challenge orientated workshop encourages team building first before identifying the difference between poor leaders, good leaders, and great leaders.

Through a dynamic range of tasks as well as a look at behavioural psychology- students will learn how to lead themselves before leading others, master their communication skills and understand the value of leadership and the impact it can have on their lives personally and professionally in the future.

Great for senior students, prefects, leadership classes and student bodies.



Effective Contributors
Responsible Citizens
Confident Individuals

Public Speaking. Consistently ranked in the top three most feared things in the UK and U.S. next to spiders and death (obviously).

The transferable skills for education, work and life that can be found in good presentation skills are invaluable. Using all my years of experience, I deliver every hint, tip, trick and secret I know on how to get up and speak. Whether it be for a class presentation, assembly, job interview or even on stage performances- I show students the importance of preparedness, how to stay relaxed, being confident, how to engage and captivate an audience and how to leave a lasting impression.

Of course my number one rule - practice.

I didn't make a career out of speaking by theorising how to do it! So be prepared in this workshop to get up and speak and I'll show you it's not as scary as dying...or spiders.

Presentation skills

Effective Contributors
Confident Individuals
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