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Dee delivers sessions and hosts events for housing associationsoil and gas companies, financial businesses, sports corporations not to mention having spoken at a TEDx event.





With an unparalleled level of energy and enthusiasm for what I do, I may not have too many grey hairs but my experience speaks for itself. I've worked extensively up and down the UK and abroad, delivering over 1000 sessions to businesses and schools alike, racking up a staggering 3000+ hours of on stage speaking time.

My brand of speaking has also given me fantastic opportunities to present internationally including California where I've spoken in venues in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. As well as speaking at events for F.C. Barcelona.


Before my time as a professional speaker I was a secondary school geography teacher. You'll find no better practice for standing up speaking and also the requirement of flexibility and thinking on your feet than working with teens on a daily basis.


"Dee Bleakley is a motivational speaker who strives to make sure individuals and teams push themselves to their limits and reach their goals (both professional and personal) by sometimes making the simplest of lifestyle and mindset changes.
His motivational speeches help inspire and increase confidence in thousands of people every year as he travels around the UK."


"I worked with Dee at a day-long conference in Aberdeen when he was hosting. I was very impressed with his relaxed, humorous and very engaging style - which worked for a wide age in the audience. He effortlessly welcomed and compered each session - keeping the day flowing and on time. Dee is a gifted and enthusastic communicator, I recommend his services both as a host or keynote speaker, because I guarantee he will bring any event to life."

               -Mark Beaumont, TV broadcaster                                            and record breaking round the world cyclist


"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dee for over 8 years on an array of events targeted at young people, college/university students and the business community. 
Through personal reflections and real life examples Dee is able to engage, capture and connect to an audience. Dee’s infectious energy helps to keep the audience interested, entertained and inspired.  
If you are looking for a keynote speaker or host - Dee is your man!"

                         -Luicia Giuntoli

"The conference was seamless with thanks to your work and hosting. You’re a pleasure to work with and we’re so glad we have you #MakingItHappen for us!"

If we didn’t work with inspiring people like yourself we wouldn’t be able to run such a motivational event.

              -Lucia Guintoli, Enterprise Co-Ordinator, Elevator UK

"Dee is a ball of energy, motivation, inspiration all wrapped up in one. He is extremely good at what he does and it translates through his interaction with his audience. In an auditorium full of people and I felt as if he was talking to me! I left with a sense of direction after Dee delivered his talk! It takes a big heart to motivate young people and he does it with such conviction and authenticity. Truly a real life inspiration and role model!"

              -Shannon Grant, Masters Student, University of Aberdeen

"I would highly recommend Dee as a thought provoking speaker who inspires you to not only set lifelong goals but actually get on and execute and complete. He gave a very entertaining talk during our business strategy launch which was broken up with different team challenges and games. I would recommend Dee every time if you are looking for a motivational guy, that is down to earth and lives the real life!"

              -Laurie Lewis, Area Sales Manager, Lion Safety

"As host and speaker at the LEVEL-UP! Conference, Dee contributed tremendously to making the event a success and enjoyable for everyone involved. His enthusiasm, drive and content kept our delegates engaged and motivated over both days of the event and knowing that we had someone as spontaneous and charismatic on our team was a great relief for us organisors. I could not imagine anyone more pleasant to work with!"

              -Berit Braun, Event Organiser, LEVEL-UP Conference 2017

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