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An alternative to one-off motivational events and talks.


Want to elevate your community group to the next level? 

Get a professional motivational speaker and mindset coach with over 2000 hours on-stage and live speaking experience!

Targeted Self- Motivation for your clients

Challenging Mindsets.

Powerful Results.



+ 24 Progressive Posts

A mixture of written, photo and video posts to create a thriving group. These progressive, inspirational and motivating thoughts and messages have been carefully and thoughtfully curated to encourage your clients, boost engagement/discussion in your group and allow your clients to reach their full potential

+On-Demand Daily Support in your group

10 hours on-demand support 10am-8pm

 +LIVE Q&A's Monthly

Get expert advice for your clients on a monthly basis. Helping them directly with their problems and issues

++1 Free Virtual LIVE Mindset Masterclass (worth £395)

Designed to inform, support and motivate an entire community group. This is bespoke to their needs

++Exclusive Discount 

50% off on any live in-person events for your community group. You pick the date, time and venue and I'll deliver one of my signature motivational keynotes










What's the advantage having me come into your group?

Your clients have goals. The number one priority I have is not just to motivate your clients, but to help them find self-motivation. With this, they (and in turn you) will have completely transformative results. The idea is simple- to alleviate the problem of sporadic motivation with a more consistent approach.

How does it work?

I provide a series of live, progressive webinars to help your clients overcome their challenges, fears and barriers. Content centred around; mindset, confidence, self-talk, breaking out of their comfort zone and many more. All my talks are grounded with psychology and yield powerful results. 


With a coherent, progressive format, this ensures more ingrained messages, deeper impact and sustainability for an group as each input looks to build on the previous one.

There is a variety of options to suit any budget and most importantly lets you target the needs of your group consistently without the hassle of having to re-book individual events. Add-ons can include handout booklets, parents nights and staff sessions.

What to do next?

Book a call below and I'll show you how an on-demand motivational speaker can transform your programme. have a look at Dee's experience, see what people are saying here
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