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Begin to take the first steps towards real, positive change in your life


My name is Dee Bleakley

I've dedicated my career to improving people's lives for over 10 years.

- Want to be healthier mentally and physically? 

- Or feel better about yourself and your life goals?

- Looking for that promotion?

- Or maybe you're just looking for a sense of direction in your life.

I can help.

I inspire and motivate people to understand they're more capable than they think and unlock their potential; empowering them to make the right decisions in their lives. Through a mixture of psychology, challenging belief systems and thought provoking ideas I actively engage individuals to think about themselves, not changing, but challenging their mindset- presenting them with a choice so that they can make the right decisions for themselves no matter what age or stage in life they're at.

What I do

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How it works

How I help


Create small changes in your every day thinking and self-talk    and discover how this can have a radically profound effect on the bigger picture

Dealing with Stress

Discover how to manage and deal with stress and even the science behind what it is and how you can control the controllable

Avoiding Procrastination

Learn the secrets of how to procrastinate less on screens and discover the freedom and fulfilment it can bring

Fresh ideas

Invigorate your mind and  very being with new ideas for yourself that will give you real passion each and every day.

Goal Setting

Create new goals, tinker or tweak existing ones or maybe even changing goals completely- we'll do this together to give you focus and drive

Lessons from Lockdown

We've  all found the last few years tricky, but the most important thing we can do now is learn from it and let that experience shape who we want to be

How coaching can work for you

Break out of your comfort zone

Coaching is all about getting you from A to B as efficiently and fast as possible. It should allow you to stop feeling stuck and bring you the motivation and accountability to build momentum for a positive change.



Life and career coaching encompasses different areas of your world, like relationships, work, money, health, and personal development. With the years of experience I have I'm very confident I will find a solution for your individual situation.

Invest in yourself

Investing in the improvement of your mindset will change your life forever.

You will become more efficient, form good habits, accelerate your career, and your life satisfaction will skyrocket.

How to achieve that? Through



We'll reflect on where you were, where you are before looking at where you're going.


If you're fed up of endlessly 'talking' and 'thinking' about what you're going to do- let's travel down the path of ACTUALLY getting you moving down. Instead of talking about finding the perfect life, let's create it.

Success Driven

Create a significant and lasting change. I've improved many people's lives through my business, I'm extremely passionate and am thrilled at the thought of improving and changing yours! Through a tailored programme find a true




A new, improved version of you with a thriving lifestyle awaits.

Speaking from experience, I know how easy it is to put things off and delay until 'tomorrow' - a wonderful place where action is dreamt of but never taken.  

Take the positive steps TODAY so that tomorrow can be exactly what you want it to be.

I'd love to hear about you and how I can help.


Get in touch

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