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Why do you need a new year to have a new you?

It's happening again.

The 'new year, new me' hype from the up and coming superstars of 2017. So farcical it's now synonomous with internet memes each year.

People come to me and declare "I want to go on a diet starting in January." "Next year is MY year." "I want to join a gym and lose weight next year."

Great. But the key word here is 'want'. If you really, truly WANT to, then why do you need to wait for the calendar to flip for you to make a start?

By waiting until January 1st, you're only building a kind of resentment up to that date. Training your mind to think that it's either going to be something very difficult or generally something you're not going to enjoy. Who cares if it's the 23rd of December! Make a start, no matter how small.

So you've made goals, planned them out and set them aside for next year, whatever they may be, professional or personal goals, that's a start. Why not give yourself a week's head start on them?

You can change and grow anytime you want.

So here's your challenge, whatever that goal/plan is for next year, if you really 'want' to achieve it, start today.

Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not January 1st. Today. Challenge your own will power and mindset and I guarantee you'll feel better for it.

2017 is upon us, but there's still some life in 2016 yet, maximize your time and potential and finish strong.

Go make it happen.

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